A Romantic Holiday with a Surprising History!
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Valentine’s Day is known as a day of romance, chocolates, heart-shaped everything, and enough roses to turn the world red. But behind all the lovey stuff, V-day has a rich history that’s cloaked in legends and mystery. So, let’s unpack Valentine’s Day, and see just how SAHARA Las Vegas is putting a chic twist on this age-old celebration.
But first…
The Strange Beginnings of Valentine’s Day
picture of a goat
Valentine’s Day is believed to have roots in Lupercalia – a pagan Roman festival that honored the arrival of spring. The vibrant celebrations included women who willingly engaged in a lively ceremony, receiving symbolic love taps with a goat hide. This unique expression of 6th century BC romance was believed to enhance fertility.
Jumping ahead to 3rd century AD, Valentine’s Day now has Christian associations, as it’s closely linked to St. Valentine. While there were several martyrs named Valentine, the day is most associated with a specific St. Valentine who met a rather unfortunate end under the orders of Roman Emperor Claudius II on… can you guess the date? February 14th! The day we now recognize as Valentine’s Day.
Ceremonial Goats, An Unfortunate End… Where is the Romance?
Valentine’s Day symbolizing romantic love took hold in the High Middle Ages, largely due to the influence of Geoffrey Chaucer and his literary contemporaries. Their writings were infused with romantic elements that continue to resonate in modern-day celebrations of love.
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Valentine’s Day Today: Love is Always in Style at SAHARA
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