The Tangier

Sahara Las Vegas

Welcome to The Tangier, featuring a world-class selection of bourbon, scotch, and cognac and conveniently located in the hotel lobby.


  • Refreshments & Snacks Available
  • Wine, Beer & Classic Cocktails
  • Located in the hotel lobby


We offer more than 200 different brown spirits. You will find whiskies, bourbons here you won’t find anywhere on the Strip.

Available by the drink at all SAHARA Las Vegas bars
or by the bottle at Chickie’s & Pete’s

Limited edition SAHARA bourbon

Introducing the first edition of the SAHARA Rare Character Presents Bourbon. This is a high rye bourbon with over 51% corn mash and a high 35% rye percentage to round out the sweetness of bourbon with some spice! Its 89.5 high proof (44.75% ABV) makes it not only great to sip on its own — it’s also high enough to go great in a cocktail. This bourbon has been aged for 5 years, giving it some great vanilla and caramel flavors to accompany the light red fruit nuances on the front.
This is the first marque of a series of SAHARA Bourbons — a one-time production, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. This first label has a very limited total of 240 bottles and will also be in the signature old-fashioned at Tangier Lounge while supplies last. Get a taste today!

3PM – 2AM | Open Daily