Don’t Gamble with Safety! Tips for a Safe + Fun Vegas Stay
Sahara Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas evokes images of glamour, jackpots, amazing entertainment, and 24/7 excitement. But amid the dazzling lights, there’s an important topic that’s deeply meaningful to us – your safety. We sat down with SAHARA security expert, Stan Williams, to discuss why security is paramount. Read on for an important conversation that could be a game-changer for your next Las Vegas experience.
Meet Stan Williams, Director of Security at SAHARA Las Vegas
Stan is widely known around our property for his charismatic personality, outgoing nature and friendly fist bumps. Behind his jovial demeanor, however, is a seasoned security professional dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of our guests and Team Members. We sat down with Stan to discuss security, ongoing safety protocols and smart tips for safe travel.
Hi, Stan! You’re a well-known presence here at SAHARA Las Vegas. You seem to know everyone, so let’s take this opportunity to learn more about you. Could you please share some details about your background?
You’re right! I do know everyone. My eyes and ears are everywhere on property. So, I was born in Long Island, NY. I served in the US Navy onboard the USS Chandler DDG-996, assigned as an Interior Communication Electrician and part of the Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure and Ship’s Security Team. I have an AA in Electrical Engineering. I’ve been with SAHARA for close to 10 years.
Can you tell us a bit about your role at SAHARA Las Vegas?
As Director of Security Operations, I oversee the department. My duties range from facilitating training programs and recruitment to assisting with investigations and maintaining our security protocols. But it’s not just me. My strict security standards are reflected by our entire Security Team.
Can you give some important security tips to our guests and to travelers in general?
Number one – always practice situational awareness. I can’t say it enough. People go on vacation to relax, and when people are relaxed, they let their guard down. So, while you’re here having fun, be aware of your surroundings. Next, trust your gut. If you feel like someone’s watching you or think you’re being followed, don’t ignore that feeling. Our security professionals are on property 24/7. Talk to us and we can escort you safely. And three – use the safe that’s in your room to keep your valuables secure.
What’s a Vegas tip that people may not think of?
Here’s one. Ladies, you’re in Vegas and you’re dressed your best. And that outfit includes high heels. But there may be a lot of walking involved, and heels are going to kill your feet. Bring flats, and if you forgot them, our convenience store sells disposable flats. Slip those on when you’re walking to save your feet. You’ll thank me!
Let’s switch gears a bit to something that’s been on our minds. Has the tragedy at UNLV prompted any changes or shifted the focus of security measures at SAHARA?
In the wake of the UNLV shooting, our protocols remain consistent. We have strict standards in place to deal with events like an active shooter. We also have a strong partnership with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and we’re constantly reviewing and refining our safety measures to make sure they align with best practices for emergency response.
On a lighter note, do you have an “only in Vegas” story to share with us?
Oh, yeah. There are many. Of course, you have people who walk into the casino half naked. Or really, just naked. There are those who can’t quite remember what happened to their shoes, or they don’t care to wear them. But, despite the occasional wild visitor, our casino has the most wonderful guests. Every day we welcome folks from all over, from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds. Our guests are what makes coming into work every day so special.
Wrapping it Up
We hope that these tips and insights have been helpful for your next visit to Las Vegas. Remember to pack some flats and to stay safe wherever you go! We would be honored to welcome you to SAHARA, and with our luxe amenities, award-winning dining and convenient Monorail access, you’ll have everything you need for a sensational stay. We can’t wait to see you!