Eco-Fun at SAHARA Las Vegas for Earth Day!

SAHARA Loves Earth Day
Sahara Las Vegas

Every April 22nd, the world unites under a shared pledge for the environment – Earth Day! But at SAHARA Las Vegas, we’re on Team Earth 24/7. Here’s a peek into our eco-friendly ways!
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Mood Lighting
Upon entering your room, you’ll notice an intimate, cozy atmosphere created by limiting lighting to just the desk lamp. This not only saves energy; it’s our eco-flirty way of saying…
We care about the planet… and your mood!
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Thermostat Magic
We’ve cracked the code to keep you cool (or cozy). By standardizing settings for the warmer and cooler months, we strike the perfect balance between eco-responsibility and pure comfort.
a picture of a thermostat
Linen Longevity
Daily linen changes are so last century! Why change linens when they’ve barely been slept in? At SAHARA, sheets and towels are refreshed upon request, reducing water and energy usage without sacrificing luxury.
a picture of towels folded on a bed
Recycle, Repurpose, Rejoice!
Our recycling game is strong. Here, recyclables are meticulously separated. Trash is sorted too, and repurposed whenever possible – embodying our belief that every item gets a chance at a new beginning.
a picture of a smiling trash can
Snooze Sustainably
Sleep soundly knowing that beneath you lies innovation. Our beds are a blend of 95% recycled steel and certified, sustainable wood – so you can sleep like an eco-baby!
a picture of a Marra Style room
Wrapping it Up
At SAHARA Las Vegas, every day is Earth Day. Our commitment to the environment is woven into the fabric of our operations, inviting guests to be part of a movement that honors our planet. Whether you’re here for Vegas thrills or a serene retreat, know that your stay contributes to a greener and more sustainable world.
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