Infinity Rewards Rules, Terms And Conditions

By enrolling in the Infinity Rewards program, members consent to the terms of the SAHARA Las Vegas Privacy Policy which includes your permission for SAHARA Las Vegas to correspond by mail, email and telephone. Members are responsible for promptly notifying SAHARA Las Vegas of contact information changes including unsubscribing or other opt-out options (


  • Membership for Infinity Rewards is free and available to any individual person 21 years of age or older with proper identification.
  • Acceptable forms of ID include: Valid State-issued Driver’s License, Government-Issued Passport, State-issued ID, or a Military ID. The name issued on the accepted ID must match the name on the account.
  • Infinity Rewards cards are used to track play and to accumulate points and tier credits. Members are responsible for choosing a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for his/her account. Each member must keep the PIN confidential and is responsible for any activity on his/her account when accessed using the PIN. SAHARA Las Vegas is not responsible for use by an unauthorized person.
  • One person per account; no team playing. Only the member assigned to the account may use the card for gaming and reward transactions.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to notify SAHARA Las Vegas if a name, address, email, or telephone number on file has changed. A valid ID must be presented to change a PIN or contact information on the account.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to properly insert their players card into the card reader at the slot machine and/or request to be rated on table games to ensure they receive credit for their play.
  • Members will earn tier credits towards their card status. Tier credits have no additional value. Members will receive one (1) tier credit for $2 on video poker multi-games and video Keno. Members will receive one (1) tier credit for $1 on video reels and reel slots. Point multipliers do not affect how tier credits are earned. Table players earn tier credits based on game type, average bet and time played.
  • Members have 12 months to earn their tier levels; expiring annually on March 31st. SAHARA has discretion to change this date and the earning period. Upon reaching a card level, an upgraded, designated card will be available to that member. Members that fail to maintain or reach the next level within the 12-month period will lose their current tier status and will be designated to the appropriate earned tier.
  • Slot points, slot comps and table comps may be redeemed for food and beverage at participating outlets. Slot points may also be redeemed for slot play. All redemptions must be in dollar increments. Slot play and comp redemption requirements may be revised at the discretion of
    SAHARA Las Vegas.
  • Poker players earn comps dollars based on time played. See poker room for complete details.
  • All unused points and comps will expire 13 months from the date earned.
  • Any member that has outstanding debt balances with SAHARA Las Vegas (e.g., NSF for a check cashed or casino credit not paid) may have all rewards or offers forfeited at the sole discretion of SAHARA Las Vegas.
  • Rewards club membership is non-transferable, and the Infinity Rewards card is the property of SAHARA Las Vegas,
    and must be surrendered upon request.
  • Earned rewards, redemptions and offers are non-transferable including in the event of death or divorce. Members may not
    sell or trade slot play, offers or comps.
  • Any rewards club card or offer that has been mutilated, forged, misprinted, altered, tampered with, mechanically reproduced, or obtained under fraudulent circumstances as determined by SAHARA Las Vegas, is automatically void and any or all offers or credits will be canceled.
  • Any member that has voluntarily requested to self-limit themselves from certain activities and privileges at SAHARA Las Vegas, will have their access to the rewards club program and all its benefits immediately suspended. Any and all rewards, complimentaries and offers will be voided.
    Further activity including slot points and table ratings will not accumulate additional rewards.
  • Any member that has been trespassed, excluded or barred from SAHARA Las Vegas will be removed from the rewards program and will forfeit all accrued benefits, comps and slot play.
  • SAHARA Las Vegas reserves the right to cancel or modify the terms of use and/or associated benefits with the Infinity Rewards program without prior notification.
  • Designated employees of SAHARA Las Vegas and Grand Sierra Resort and their families are not permitted to join the rewards program.


SAHARA Las Vegas supports responsible gambling. If you or someone you know has a problem gaming responsibly, please call the 24-hour Problem Gamblers Helpline at 1-800-GAMBLER. SAHARA Las Vegas reserves all rights.